Monday, January 18, 2010

Toronto for Christmas

Vivi and Mara (and a bit of Chiara)

Vivi and Nemo

Vivi and Oliver

Vivi and Sophie

Vivi, Kevin, and Nolan

Vivi and baby Keshaun

Vivi and Chiara

Vivi, Allega, and Franco

The kids table - Nolan, Donald, and Adrianna

Monkey heads

Scout is serious about her lasagna!!!

Donald trying to breastfeed vivi


Vivi the Destroyer

Monday, January 4, 2010


i guess nothing new and exciting has happened since october....

vivi spent her first christmas in toronto with crazy italians. she has learned how to devour lasagna and pasta!!! very italian this girl is when she eats. stoic stare at food, robotic like in her movements, she continuosly pinches some food and brings it to her mouth.

she also has learned how to crawl up stairs like a pro, and down stairs like a sleepy drunk.

and she is a pointer. one of her favorite activities is to have someone pick her up, then she will point to an item of interest, and the adult should walk over to the item. she loves the control (damn her mother's genes!!) and points points points.

when eating, she will point to her water or other foods of interest. we label continuously using single words paired with sign language.....point point point.

pictures to come, i just wanted to jot down some ideas for our own records