Monday, March 30, 2009

vivi loves music

tomorrow will be vivianna's 3 week birthday. we will be introducing a bottle soon. we have been told that a bottle should be introduced around 4 weeks and given at least once a day. if we wait longer there is a chance that vivi will reject bottle feedings.

vivi enjoys listening to a wide range of music, but there is some music that calms her, and some music that agitates her.

she clearly likes: rage against the machine, madonna, prince, some beck

she does not like: blue october, papa roach, kings of leon

and she likes the cd's of calm music that anna gave us... she is unsure about my singing...sam loves my singing, so i don't know what her problem is!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

booties made by nonna in Deliceto, Italy

Sam meets Vivi then crashes her into a clothing rack.

Aunt Denise
Cousin Bailey
Nonno & Nonna
Nimishomis & Nokomis
Guyant and Scout

celebrity look-a-like

Sunday, March 22, 2009


this is as exciting as it gets here....sneeze arm thrust arm thrust

March 22nd update

Vivianna LOVES looking at the Wizard of Oz characters.

Kaely and Vivi...

Gabriella and Sarah

Bethers playing with fuzzy ears!

Allegra, Sarah, and Scout

California dreamin'

Hangin' with my bro

Green Eggs and Ham. Read by Matt on St. Patrick's Day.

Chillin with Granny

Monday, March 16, 2009

vivi's first bath at home

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march 15th 2009 - 5 days old

Ella trying out the donut....

Dad missed the nail and hit the finger. BOOOOOOOOOOO! Dad will only use an emory board from now on.

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march 15th 2009 - 5 days old

The Godfather

The Godmother

Lucian comes for a visit hoping to play with Vivi and her toys...

Kim and Scout

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Sibling staring contest...Vivi is determined to win!

Jealous Elvis wants some love too


Multi-tasking bro...

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Granny Winny

Nolan dressing Vivianna after a visit to the doctor. Vivi is healthy and happy!

Nolan has been a great help with Vivi.

Aunt Shelly

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vivianna Corey Capozzi Schofield

Born on 03/10/09 at 3:49

9 pounds 6 ounces 21.5 inches

swollen, cone head galore

and beautiful beautiful beautiful.

Allegra and Vivianna are doing great!!!