Friday, May 28, 2010

Scout's celebrity look alike

she used to look like bill gates....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

vivi's first zoo visit

Vivi and I went to the zoo. She loved the penguins, hyenas, fish, and prairie dogs. Her favorite was the giraffe!!!! She loved the ape pavillion, but only because there are a bunch of ramps and stairs to run up and down.


Backround info: Nolan from the ages 2.5 - 6 years of age was a self proclaimed bird scarer. If there were a group of birds chillin, he would run at them and make them scatter. Everytime we traveled he would seek out birds in hopes that his reputation would grow....amongst birds everywhere. I am not making this up.

At the zoo yesterday, Vivi and I are at a lunch area eating. She sees a little bird and a female peacock. She points, grunts, then takes off after the birds. Little bird takes off, peacock turns and looks at her. They are face to face; peacock is the same size as Vivi. Vivi takes a step closer, people stop talking/eating to see a child get pecked and flapped by this bird. I walk up and grab Scout from the throwdown.

I should have kicked that peacock!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what happens when you turn one

attack 2 cakes (one semi-healthy and one DQ ice-cream!!)

Fall in love with balloons and hats.

Dinner at LaFuente

run away from the nurse with needles...NO MORE SHOTS!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 10th 2010 BIRTHDAY

Vivianna is ONE YEARS OLD!!!

Cliché alert! How is this possible? It went so fast.

Updated Vivi bio.

FAVORITE PEOPLE: Nolan, Sam, Anna, and Carter.

She also loves her parents, grandparents, friends, Lauren and Jess, but she has a pecking order depending on the time of the day and who is in the room. If Nolan, Sam, Anna or Carter are in the room, they are the bestest people around at any time or place.

Vivi prefers to be with dad in the afternoons and dinnertime. She NEEDS her mom at night time and in the mornings.

FOOD: Vivi is a good eater. She is not too picky, but she definitely has favorites and will shake her head ‘no’ to foods she does not like. She LOVES cheese and green peas. If she is eating cheese, she will show you her food and say “cheesh” every few bites. If she has green peas, she eats like Bill Murray on What About Bob – she will say MMMMMM as she is putting food in her mouth and while chewing. MMMMM MMMMMM

It is a bit bizarre.

She loves to find bits of anything on the floor and pop it into her mouth. She thinks cat food is a tasty treat. She has had her first glass of cow’s milk. She likes it, and I predict will stop with bottles with ease.

MILESTONES: She used to say ‘dad’ and ‘cat’, but I have not heard those words in a while. She currently says ‘eyes’ (while jabbing her pointy little finger into your pupil), ‘cheese’ (when taking her picture, do NOT use ‘say cheese’ unless you have some cheddar in your pocket), ‘mom’, ‘hot’ (when pointing to the stove, a light bulb, and Zac Efron) and ‘up’ (probably her most used word).

She is a fast crawler, but she insists on staggering around the house, inches away from slamming her head into things instead. She is getting better at walking every day.

She is still in diapers.

ACTIVITIES: She has favorite books. She does not watch television, though I have been trying to introduce “Wonder Pets”. She enjoys looking out the window at the sidewalk and street. Stealing my glasses….HILARIOUS!!!! Turning things on and off is a blast – lights, TV, DVD player, music toys. My favorite is when Nolan is playing Xbox, and Vivi is moving towards the console with her eyes locked on the power button and Nolan starts yelling for help in a panic.

Favorite activity is to get an adult to pick her up, then she directs the person to go to items of interest. Also, she likes to go to the spice rack and give each spice jar to Allegra or Nolan. This being done by having me hold her, she points to the spice rack, grabs the jar, then points to the person she wants to give it to.

She is ticklish and has a great laugh. If she is lounging on the floor and you are near, she may kick you away and laugh. She may grunt loud in an attempt to scare you…and laugh. If I glare at her and yell to her, “YOU ARE IN TROUBLE LITTLE GIRL!!” she laughs.

Happy 1st baby girl!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

January pics

Some pics of Vivi in St. Germain WI...

Vivi has begun walking, a video will be added soon.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Toronto for Christmas

Vivi and Mara (and a bit of Chiara)

Vivi and Nemo

Vivi and Oliver

Vivi and Sophie

Vivi, Kevin, and Nolan

Vivi and baby Keshaun

Vivi and Chiara

Vivi, Allega, and Franco

The kids table - Nolan, Donald, and Adrianna

Monkey heads

Scout is serious about her lasagna!!!

Donald trying to breastfeed vivi


Vivi the Destroyer

Monday, January 4, 2010


i guess nothing new and exciting has happened since october....

vivi spent her first christmas in toronto with crazy italians. she has learned how to devour lasagna and pasta!!! very italian this girl is when she eats. stoic stare at food, robotic like in her movements, she continuosly pinches some food and brings it to her mouth.

she also has learned how to crawl up stairs like a pro, and down stairs like a sleepy drunk.

and she is a pointer. one of her favorite activities is to have someone pick her up, then she will point to an item of interest, and the adult should walk over to the item. she loves the control (damn her mother's genes!!) and points points points.

when eating, she will point to her water or other foods of interest. we label continuously using single words paired with sign language.....point point point.

pictures to come, i just wanted to jot down some ideas for our own records